Zhaukhanov Kairat Kenesbekovich, President, International Astana Airport


ATN: Which are Astana Airport priorities under your leadership?

ZKK: One of the priorities of the policy of Astana International Airport is ensuring of flight safety, satisfaction of passengers’ needs and increasing of service’s quality. Moreover, it is also providing quality transportation services, providing regular, effective handling of aircrafts, baggage, mail and cargo in accordance with the international standards and legislation of Republic of Kazakhstan in the sphere of civil aviation.

ATN: What is the percentage of business travelers?

ZKK: The percentage of business-passengers is approximately 10 percent of total number of passengers.

ATN: What cargo activities play in Astana Airport?

ZKK: Cargo handling plays significant role in the capital airport’s activity. Capital airport tending to become not only the passengers’ hub but also the cargo-hub. Previous year, 2012, capital airport handled 8,4 thousands tones of cargo and mail, in current year is planned increasing the quantity of handled cargo to 10 percent. From the side of the airport the constant work is conducted for attracting the cargo airlines and creating the conditions for cargo carriers and consignees. For successful development of cargo transportations there is everything necessary in Astana airport: parking stands for wide-body aircrafts, fully equipped modern storages for all types of cargo, renewed ground support equipment, trained personnel. Moreover, it is planned the expansion of the cargo terminal’s area.

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ATN: What about the low-cost carriers? What is their percentage?

ZKK: Present time there is no low-cost carriers in Astana airport. However, in the case of their appearance our avia-enterprise is ready for mutual cooperation.

ATN: What do you expect to be the number of passengers for 2013?

ZKK: In 2012 Astana airport handled 2,3 millions passengers, in current year is planned to handle 2,7 millions passengers.

ATN: Which new markets do you want to attract?

ZKK: For us are attractive European and Asian regions. Present time is conducted the coordinated work for attraction the air carriers which priority directions are: Prague, Paris, Helsinki, Deli, Bangkok, Singapore, Seoul, Hong Kong.


ATN: Do you work on coming up with special incentives to persuade airlines to fly to all your airports?

ZKK: There is Incentive Program in Astana International Airport Airlines, in the frame of which the certain discounts on handling are planned from 30 percent and more, depending the frequency of the operations of flights and zero rate of VAT on the fuel.

ATN: Do you plan to have the Airport city concept?

ZKK: Present time Astana airport is recognized as one of the dynamic developing airports of Asian region. Near future capital airport is striving for being the international hub from which will be opened directions to all world cities. One of the main objectives of Astana airport is preparation to the Expo-2017 in the frame of which is planned the expansion of the area of the passengers’ terminal, increasing of the parking stands, construction the center of the business aviation. Perspective plan of development it is foreseen the conversion of Astana airport into the biggest international transport center-hub through which will be conducted as passengers as cargo air traffic.

ATN: How important is the role of Air Astana?

ZKK: «Air Astana» airline is the main client of Astana International Airport. More than 60 percent of flights operates this airline on 10 domestic and 16 international directions. “Air Astana” airline constantly expanses its geography of flights from Astana airport making our cooperation more productive. Significant quantity of aircrafts are based in Astana airport. Current year in passenger’s terminal of airport is planned opening the lounge for passengers of business class. In addition, Astana International Airport provides all the departure flights with catering prepared by catering department of Astana airport.

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ATN: What is the percentage of the non-aeronautical revenues? Do you plan to increase the percentage?

ZKK: The percentage of non-aeronautical revenues is not significant and is only 3 percents.

ATN: What is the percentage of revenues from the in flight catering?

ZKK: The percentage of revenues from the in-flight catering is 9 %.

ATN: Do you have any additional thought you would like to share with Air Transport News readers?

ZKK: I would like to share with the readers of your magazine that Astana International Airport is striving for being one of the best airports, making passengers’ staying more comfortable. We aspire capital airport to be modernized and modern airport with developed infrastructure for cooperation with airlines-clients and satisfaction of passengers’ needs.
As you know, Astana International Airport will meet the guests of Expo-2017. Conducting such exhibition is very great responsibility to all over the world. We invite you to visit the international exhibition Expo-2017 and to use the services of Astana airport. We hope that conducting the exhibition Expo-2017 and make Astana airport more recognizable and allow us to rise the image of our capital.

Source: Air Transport News