Hawaiian Airlines Introduces State-of-the-Art A330 Simulator


For the first time in decades, pilots can complete training on-site at Hawaiian’s own facilities

Hawaiian Airlines, Hawaii’s largest and longest serving airline, has unveiled a state-of-the-art Airbus A330 Full Flight Simulator (FFS) at its corporate headquarters to provide on-site training for its pilots. The simulator is manufactured by Sim-Industries, a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin, and allows Hawaiian to continue its Advanced Qualification Program for pilots using the most advanced and sophisticated technology available. Hawaiian is the first and only Hawaii-based airline to have a FFS on-site for its pilots. The multi-million-dollar investment is estimated to return $3.6 million in cost savings every year.

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“This means that Hawaiian Airlines’ pilots can now complete their qualification at our facilities here in Honolulu, and our company can manage our costs as we continue to expand our business and sustain our position as a world-class airline,” said Mark Dunkerley, Hawaiian Airlines president and CEO.

Prior to the installation of the FFS, Hawaiian utilized third-party simulation facilities in Florida at significant expense to the company. By integrating superior image generators from leading visual manufacturers with cutting-edge display technology, various emergency scenarios can be simulated. The FFS features 3D realistic detailing of different major airport scenes and environments including clouds, fog, storms, rain, snow, thunder, buildings roads, bridges, trees and cityscapes that are indistinguishable from the real world.

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Construction is currently underway for a new facility where the FFS is housed, and will include classrooms and offices for instructors and pilots when it is completed.

There are currently 627 Hawaiian Airlines pilots, of which 233 fly the A330 aircraft. About 250 new and current A330 pilots are expected to use the FFS this year, with 26 instructors to lead the Advanced Qualification Program. Hawaiian currently has a fleet of 13 A330s, with 9 more slated to be delivered by 2015, bringing the total to 22. The A330s are more fuel-efficient and have longer operating range than Hawaiian’s fleet of Boeing 767-300 aircraft, allowing Hawaiian to open new nonstop routes between Hawaii and visitor markets throughout North America and East Asia.