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Passenger Demand Grew as Air Cargo Declined in 2012

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced full-year traffic data for 2012 showing a 5.3% year-on-year increase in passenger demand and a 1.5% fall for cargo. The 5.3% increase in passenger demand was slightly down on 2011 growth of 5.9% but above the 5% twenty-year average. Load factors for the year were near record levels […]

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Turkish Aerospace and Defence Industry Going Public – Will It Fly?

Continuous cuts in defence budgets in the United States and Europe impel the defence industry and investment society to look for new promising markets. Turkey’s rising ventures beyond its borders serves as a connection to potentially lucrative new regions, and also the country itself should be considered when planning long term investments. Turkey’s economy is […]

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Lightning Chaos in Turkish Airlines Plane

Amateur video captures the panic and confusion inside a Turkish plane after it was struck by lightning sparking a fire in one of its engines. The passenger plane en route from Istanbul with 114 people on board was preparing to land at Izmir, Turkey, when it was hit by lightning, causing an engine to ignite. […]

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Pegasus selects up to 100 A320neo Family Aircraft

Pegasus Airlines, the second largest airline in Turkey, has signed for up to 100 A320neo Family aircraft (57 A320neo and 18 A321neo models), of which 75 are firm orders. Pegasus becomes a new Airbus customer and the first Turkish airline to order the A320neo. This is the largest single commercial aircraft order ever placed by […]

Bombardier Aerospace Touches Down at AIREX 2012

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Bombardier Aerospace Touches Down at AIREX 2012

Bombardier Aerospace, the world’s third largest civil aircraft manufacturer, will present three of its business jets at the ninth annual International Civil Aviation and Airports Exhibition, AIREX 2012, in Istanbul, Turkey, from September 6–9, 2012. The company will also showcase its innovative commercial aircraft products at its booth in Exhibit Hall 1. Highlights for the […]